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GOZU Herbal Soup

As a dish that is commonly consumed in both Malaysia and Singapore, Bak Kut Teh is believed to have been brought over by our ancestors from Fujian, China.

Since then, the knowledge of the dish has been passed down to us and we have preserved its originality and authenticity. Not only it can be served with various cooking styles, the use of herbs and spices in the soup also provides several fitness and health benefits such as nourishing energy and blood flow as well as reducing heat in the body.

Here, we offer our gratitude to the ancestors for sharing the wisdom of the Herbal Soup recipe and with thanks; we share the recipe to the world and let the wisdom prevail to date.

With the use of technology and consistent innovation, it enables us to pre-packed the herbs and ingredients for convenience. Till date, GOZU production line has opt to maintain the quality of the GOZU Herbal Soup given to customers where the food goes through a process of manual handling of the finest herbs and then processed, packed in the most complete and secure conditions.

With increasing demand for ready-to-go products that are nutritious and not time consuming, GOZU Herbal Soup is the perfect choice for consumers’ needs for products that don’t sacrifice health goals but fit in with busy schedules at the same time.

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